Packet Diploma Program

• If you choose to work off campus, to remain in the program, you will be responsible for keeping track of your hours and academic goal. You will turn them in every two weeks. You may turn in your distance learning log and goal by dropping it off on campus, emailing it, or taking a photo and texting it to the Adult Ed. Mentor.
• You will check in with your teacher on a bi-weekly basis via phone call, email or text. You will check in with your mentor every two weeks so she can check on your progress and you can turn in your work. Failure to check in within one month will result in being dropped form the program. 
• If you are dropped from the program you will need to re-enroll to continue. A re-enrollment fee and new testing may be required. 

 • All students are required to take a pretest which includes the areas of reading and math.
• After 50 hours of classwork, students are required to take a post-test.  Post-tests are designed to track student progress. The Adult Ed. program is funded by the state based on student outcomes, so you will be expected to do your best when taking any tests. If you improve on a post-test and get a level gain, you will be given a reward.
• Students with enough hours, will be expected to complete post-testing before receiving new classes, study materials, or credit.

• When you complete a packet or student workbook, your teacher will grade it and write a credit slip for the completed course.
• It is recommended that you keep your credit slips for your records as proof of completed courses and grades, should a discrepancy on your transcript arise. We strive to keep accurate records, but sometimes mistakes happen.
• Each packet is worth ½ credit and should take 30-40 hours to complete. Students can keep track of their hours in a school calendar or on their phones.
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