GED Information

A government issued ID is required for GED testing! Acceptable forms of ID include a photo, birth date, and signature. Examples: driver’s license, learner’s permit, state ID card, Alien Registration Card, or passport.



Generally, GED Testing is offered weekly, usually on Wednesday. Occasionally, testing is offered on a day other than Wednesday. Check for specific test dates available when you are ready to schedule tests. Testing is not offered during school closures and breaks (including summer break).

GENERAL INFORMATION · Test scheduling and payment is available online at the GED® Testing Service website.

· The testing center is located at Ashley Valley Education Center, 559 North 1700 West, Vernal, Utah.

· All materials needed for testing are provided, including calculators and scratch paper.

The GED® testing fee is $144 for the full test, or $36 per subject.

The 2014 GED® Test Specifications

English and Spanish testing available

· Math - 115 minutes

· Science - 90 minutes

· Social Studies - 70 minutes

· Reasoning Through Language Arts - 150 minutes

Seven different item types:

· Extended response

· Drag-and-drop

· Drop-down

· Fill-in-the-blank

· Hot spot

· Multiple choice

· Short answer

GED testing is delivered via computer (not online) at the testing center you select at the time of scheduling.

Paper testing is only available as an accommodation.

What are accommodations?

The purpose of accommodations is to provide candidates with full access to the GED® test. However, accommodations are not a guarantee of improved performance or test completion. GED Testing Service provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to individuals with documented disabilities who demonstrate a need for accommodations. GED® test accommodations may include things such as:

• An audio version of the test

• A separate testing room

• Extra testing time

• Extra breaks

• Presentation of the material in large print

Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, no single type of accommodation (e.g. extra time) would necessarily be appropriate for all individuals with disabilities. Simply demonstrating that an individual meets diagnostic criteria for a particular disorder does not mean that the person is automatically entitled to accommodations.

How does my discounted retake work?

· For every GED® test subject you purchase but don’t pass, you’ll receive one discounted retake.

· GED Testing Service waives its testing fee

· If you test and use the one-time discounted retake, you will have to purchase the test at the regular price to test again.

· Schedule your discounted retake through your MyGED™ account. Your discount is automatically applied – no code needed.

. When you start scheduling, you’ll see the non-discounted test price

. Once you select your test, test time, and testing center, the checkout screen will show your discounted price

· You must schedule your discounted retakes one at a time for the discount to apply during check-out.

When can I schedule my retake?

· Discounted retakes are good for 12 months after your first attempt

· In Utah, you can test three times on the same subject without waiting. After the third attempt, you must wait 60 days before testing again.

GED Credentialing™

Adults want easier access to their transcript and diploma after testing so they can begin to take critical next steps for training and career opportunities. GED Credentialing™ speeds up this process with online access to their transcript and diploma, and the ability to send a Smart Transcript to employers and colleges.

The GED® test score levels are:

· (145-164) – Pass / High School Equivalency

· (165-174) – GED® College Ready

· (175-200) – GED® College Ready + Credit

Order your GED® Transcript

1. Log into your account at using your username and password. If you need help logging in, go to the logging in help topic.

2. Select which document you want to order. If you want to order more than one type of document, you will have the option to select another document before you submit your order.

3. Enter the name of the Destination. You can search by institution name, acronym, city, state, or email address, for example. If you want to send your GED® transcript to yourself, click “Send to Yourself”.

· If your destination appears, click “Select”.

· If your destination does not appear, click “Enter your own” next to “Not finding your destination?”

4. You can now follow the onscreen instructions to order your transcript, but make sure you read the important information below.

· In some instances, you may not be given the choice between ordering an electronic or printed transcript. For example, if you are sending your transcript to a destination that only accepts electronic transcripts, then this is the only option you will see.

· When you are finished with your order, you will be brought to your shopping cart. You can remove any documents, and you can click “Continue shopping” if you want to place more orders. When you are ready, click “Checkout”.

· You will be asked to check the box next to I Accept on the FERPA page. This means that you provide consent to release your educational records.

What happens next?

· If the system can find your records, your document(s) will be sent out within 24 hours.

· If the system is not able to find your records, or finds more than one record, someone from our technical support team will try to manually find your record. Go to the Order on hold help topic for more details.

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